March and April on the Camino

Sandy and I are planning on hiking our pilgrimage on the Camino starting in late March and finishing in early May. We have had some questions as to the weather, if anyone else will be on the trail and if the alburgues are open. Well, this link to the Santiago forum pretty much answered all of the questions we had. Here it is for your perusal:



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5 responses to “March and April on the Camino

  1. I traveled the Camino Frances march/april of this year. You wont have a problem finding a bed in the Albergues except for maybe Easter week, because all of the Spanish have that week off and a lot of them walk the camino then. My stepdad wants to do the walk so in April/May we will be walking again. Myabe see ya out there.

    • That would be neat. Sandy and I will both have Colorado flags on our bags, so it should be easy to spot us. Question for you…did you bring a lightweight sleeping bag or bag insert during your trek? I am leaning on taking a 45+ bag. Thanks!

      • I took a light sleeping bag. Some places had wool blankets to hand out, but not all. It got chilly at night. A lot of places said they had heat, but it would be turned off by 1 or 2 am, and sometimes the cold would wake me up. But I would do the same again. Kept my pack weight down

      • Thanks for the advice! Looks like we will be starting from SJPDP on or close to April 1st. Flight back to the states will be on May 12th, so plenty of time to enjoy ourselves.

      • Oh yeah that will be good, it does rain quite a bit that time of year, something to keep in mind. 2013 in March was the most rain Spain had in Mar in 50 years. i think it at least mist almost everyday of my camino. So good rain gear is well worth it. 🙂

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