4 mile training hike



Today Sandy and I loaded up the packs to 20 lbs. and hiked along Denver’s front range hogback. 20 lbs. will be the maximum weight we carry along the Camino so this was a good test.

Suburban Jefferson County has acclaimed parks and trail network throughout the count and it is our goal to hike them all. Today’s hike was within South Valley Park which offers spectacular red rock formations and great trails, albeit a bit sloppy from our recent snows.

There was still quite a bit of snow and ice on the trail, so we slipped on our YakTrax and went for it. We hiked up to the top of the hogback and it was a bit sketchy in spots, but we made it nevertheless. It was neat to see all of the tracks left in the snow. We were able to identify raccoon, fox and coyote. This area is prime mountain lion habitat but unfortunately no sightings or signs today.

After slowly descending back to the main trail we hiked to the southern part of the park, then back to the trailhead. The attached photos do no justice to the beauty of the area.

Our Deuter packs distributed the load as advertised, so we are very pleased with our purchase. We will increase length of our hikes as we get closer to our trip.


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