Glenwood Springs hike to Doc Holiday’s final resting place






This past weekend Sandy and I took a mini-vacation to Glenwood Springs, CO where we relaxed in the world’s largest outdoor hot spring. We always have a great time in Glenwood and consider our frequent visits a real family tradition. This year we incorporated a couple of hikes into our visit.

First, we hiked from the historic Hotel Colorado up to the old city cemetery where Doc Holiday is buried. Doc came to Glenwood to try to “heal” his battle with TB. After a long illness, he died and was buried in Glenwood Springs.

The weather was partly cloudy in the mid 40’s as we hiked across the Colorado River and Interstate 70. We walked along the main highway toward Aspen up to the side street which cuts through the lovely residential neighborhood of early 1900’s private residences.

Once on the steep trail toward the cemetery we encountered lots of ice, slush and mud really testing our hiking boots and balance. Lots of slipping and sliding and muddy boots up to the top.

The cemetery was mostly dry and we spent a good amount of time looking at all of the old grave markers. It is amazing how many young children passed away and the words on their stones really hit you in your heart.

We found a sunny way down the hill with quite a bit less slippery spots and hiked back to the hotel along the peaceful residential streets. The total distance for the hike was 3.2 miles and is a must for history buffs who visit western Colorado.


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  1. I would love to see this part of the world! I own the whole Louis L’Amour collection…

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