The Rain in Spain…

When deciding to travel the Camino in springtime, Sandy and I knew we would not only see the beauty of spring but also experience the perils of hiking 800 kilometers through Spain in their rainy season.

When planning your Camino experience, one of the big advantages of this adventure are the peregrinos themselves. Yes, the thousands of pilgrims who hike it each month. Their personal experiences along with their own technical competences (in whatever fields they work) bring a wealth of information for you to use in planning. In the true spirit of the camino, most pilgrims will be honored to share their experiences or expertise with you. If you are even just contemplating the Camino, I encourage you to read personal blogs (like mine), find more deailed information on the huge Camino blogs I have previously listed on this site, or simply turn to any search engine on the internet.

For example, this morning I decided to see if anyone had worked out a quick reference on the levels of precipitation along the Camino routes. Lo and behold, I found the following great link:

Sandy and I have already decided to hike in the spring, and have decided to carry along with high quality rain jackets and pants versus the ever popular ponchos. We decided even though adding a bit more weigh in our packs, the rain jackets and pants would be more effective because they could double as an extra warmth layer should the temperatures drop during our trek. Also, the sometimes windy Camino has been known to turn pilgrims wearing ponchos into human sails on occasion.

In any event, don’t just go it on your own, use the blogs and experiences of the thousands who preceded you to help your own experience.

Buen Camino


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