Travel insurance anyone?

We have traveled quite a bit over the years. So far we have visited 47 of the 50 United States and quite a few countries in the caribbean and overseas but have rarely purchased travel insurance. However, since the Camino experience will be a. physically grueling and b. we are “getting up there” in age, we are seriously contemplating purchasing medical insurance as a backup to our current medical plans.

I have read several Camino blogs where folks have said their medical expenses at Spanish clinics and hospitals along the Camino were completely covered when they produced their European Union based country passports. Since we are dual citizens, we have our EU passports, so we are OK if this is the case. Other blogs have said the hospitals needed to see your European Union country’s medical card. Well, we do not have one of these since you need to establish residency to obtain one. I have also read a number of reports of free basic medical care (severe blisters, twisted knees etc.) as a kind service by doctors to those peregrinos on the pilgrimage route.

Well, with all of the above possibilities we are currently thinking it is “better to be safe than sorry” so we are seriously considering purchasing a medical insurance plan. After looking into supplemental travel medical insurance, we found the costs to be quite low for the peace of mind it offers.

If you are planning a trip, here is a link to a great magazine article which will help you decide if insurance plans are for you.



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3 responses to “Travel insurance anyone?

  1. I am also a dual citizen and found that I was unable to get a European Health Insurance Card ( before my trip, as I don’t have a permanent address in the EU, so I had to have private health insurance. Fortunately my employer-provided health care includes full coverage abroad, so I didn’t have to pay extra, but if that hadn’t been an option I would have gone with the policy available through my credit card, which is totally full coverage for only $99 per year.

    • Thanks for the information. Like I mentioned, we have never considered it before, but then again (until now) we have never considered hiking across the Pyrenees and Spain either! Buen Camino!

  2. Very smart to look at all the obstacles that you will encounter on such a journey. Be smart, get full coverage. This way you can fully enjoy your vacation/adventure!

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