Villa Romana del Casale and Taormina


The Villa Romana del Casale is located near the historic Piazza Armerina and is a huge villa of 62 rooms, 45 of which have incredible mosaic.  It is estimated that the floors took all the artists more than 21,000 work days to complete. The floors tell the Roman history of sport, mythology and everyday life.  The mosaic shown above may be the most famous and shows the “bikini girls”, who were actually female athletes playing games.


A depiction of the giant cyclops story


Newlyweds showing some love


The hunt


After visiting the museun, we were off to the beautiful seaside town of Taormina. We checked into our B&B and found it had a great view of the historic city center and sea below.


Beautiful fiore and vista make this my photo of the day


Lots of stairs in this town


Amazing how the homes are constructed on cliffs


Sandy at yet another set of stairs.

All in all a beautiful day.   We ended up hiking just over 5.5 miles and saw some amazing sights. Our next blog will cover our trip across the Straights of Messina and our stay on the Amalfi coast. Ciao Taormina!



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2 responses to “Villa Romana del Casale and Taormina

  1. Steve

    Wow great pics…what a view from the B & B!!

    • Great view for sure. We are just below a castle on top of the mountain. Wish I had a way to show our drive up/down the tiny former cart path that winds its way to the top.

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