Hiking the Amalfi’s Il Sentiero degli Dei trail

Upon seeing and being surprised we had backpacks upon arrival at our B&B, we explained to our host we were hiking the Camino de Santiago in a few weeks. She enthusiastically  advised us we were very near to the historic Sentiero degli Dei trail. The Sentiero is a series of trails which have been used for centuries to connect the Amalfi towns to the farms and vineyards in between. They essentially connected folks in who are in otherwise inaccessible locations.  The trails  run from Positano on the north to Amalfi town on the south. The trail name translates in english to, “Path of the Gods.”
We were told the trail difficulty level was moderate and it would take approximately three hours to travel from Furore to Positano.   The geography of the area is steep cliffs and rocky terrain alongside the aqua blue Mediterranean.  We knew ahead of time that this hike would be difficult, yet it was a once in a lifetine opportunity.


View of the trail connection (center) from our room. Just as stated by our host, we were on the trail within 500 meters from our door.


The trail started out steep, but this was just the beginning!


We found a neat cave along the way. It was very wet inside.  Unfortunately the stalagmite and stalactites were all broken off.


We were watched by inquisitive donkeys and goats all along the length of the trail


The terraced vineyards were amazing


Did I mention it was steep?


Frequent “hands on” rock climbing and scrambling made us wonder if we were still on the trail


1000 foot drop off just inches from the trail.  A bit scary in some spots. That is the road cars and busses use to labor their way up the coast.


Vistas like this are what made this hike worth while


Finally, Positano in view.  However it would take us an hour to arrive from thus point.


Arrival in Positano.  Lunch on the beach.  All tolled, 8+ miles of hiking, 1,907′ elevation gain and 5+ hours on this difficult trail.  A bus ride took us home along the Amalfi coast road.  Life is good, thank you Lord.
Ciao from Furore!



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6 responses to “Hiking the Amalfi’s Il Sentiero degli Dei trail

  1. Ron LaLone

    Good job finding the Sentiero trail in the Amalfie area……I can’t help but notice a reoccuring theme other than really old buildings and steep trails……wine,…lots of wine.
    We will think of you today at our volunteer meeting.

    • Perfect timing. Just completed a winery tour and tasting at Furore’s winery. They provided well and we are not feeling any aches or pain now! Say hello to our fellow volunteers. Ciao.

  2. Steve

    Wow houses on the cliffs are great, the water looks inviting are you gonna do a boat trips! Before the wine of course!

  3. Kathleen Salvas

    Thank god that you both are in shape, I get tired just listening to you. hehe. I haven’t done 8 miles in 8 years. Good for you!

  4. Sandy & Mark, Thank you so much for sharing this amazing adventure! Tom & I loved looking at the pics and LOL’d at the driving pics. Adventure on! Can’t wait for the next chapter.
    Lynda & Tom

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