Crossing the Tyrrhenian Sea and Amalfi

We started out the day from our B&B in Taormina and headed to the port city of Messina.  Our B&B host advised us that we needed to find the pier numbered 4 or 5, which are the ones that allow you to board with your cars.  We were told 5 was the best as it was for cars only. The other piers for ferries (1-3) accept passenger train cars (yes, with passengers inside) and large trucks. We could not locate the #5 pier, so we took the #4. Here’s what our ferry ride looked like:


We felt like a dwarf among giants!

The trip across lasted just 30 minutes,  so we prepared our GPS while on board so as to be ready to hit the strada as soon as we docked. Here is what the GPS indicated:


Stupid us. We should have known the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Needless to say, we prefered to drive not float, so we needed to recalculate once on the mainland.


I did manage to get a nice photo of Messina port as we were leaving

The drive to Furore was long and eventful.  We traveled through at least 35 tunnels, and climbed some snow covered mountains. We had the best panini yet at an autostrata rest stop. Spicy food finally! We stopped for 50+ folks in a walking funeral procession down a small town street and a few minutes later we were stopped for a wedding party walking down another main road, bride from one side of town then groom with horse in tow from the other side. After one complete road closure and a 20 kilometer twisty, hairpin curved detour later, we finally made it to our B&B just before sunset.


We had a great room with a view. Thank you Lorenzo Zulli for recommending the Bacco B&B!

This was Sandy’s two days of planned rest and relaxation in Amalfi,  so of course our first day she planned an arduous hike to Positano. (See previous blog entry).


Certainly not a lot of resting on this hike, but it was incredibly beautiful and my calfs keep reminding me of it every time we walk up or down stairs.

Our second day would include a visit to the local winery and a three course lunch featuring their wines paired with local and regional foods. Very delicious all the way around and the wine pours greatly limited our after lunch plans. Thanks to Marisa Cuomo Winery and Bacco B&B for going all out for us.

The remainder of the day was spent
getting a sunburn and doing a whole lot of nothing around the hotel.

Addio Furore!



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2 responses to “Crossing the Tyrrhenian Sea and Amalfi

  1. Kathleen Salvas

    Were these B&B planned ahead or do you just find one when you get there?

    • All but the Park Hotel in Cattolica were planned ahead. We used TripAdvisor. com to check out each destination. They have a great website where they rate the lodging based on traveler’s reviews. They also show photos and have maps of all other lodging in the area. We have almost as much fun planning the trips as going on them. So far, we have only been a bit disappointed at one place – the Park Hotel. Wouldn’t you know it, the one we did not check out in advance!

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