Day 2: Roncesvalles to Viskarret

Day 2 on the camino started out with an early morning wake up by a large number of the 170 pilgrims in our albergue. They were up and preparing for their days journey by 0530. We, on the other hand knew this would be a short day for us so we ate our pilgrims breakfast (€6) and were out on the way by 0815.


As you can see from this photo, we are still very much in the Pyrenees high country.  Snow, ice, slush, mud and water were under our boots for a good part of today’s trek.


One of the more interesting river crossings I’ve ever experienced.


Some incredible vistas in this part of Spain for sure


We hiked to a town called Viskarret where we found a great hostel which offered a pilgrim special of a dinner, double room and breakfast for €36. It was run by a young Hungarian couple and was a great stopping point after a difficult first day. The food was great and the wine flowed as we talked about everything imaginable.   Especially funny was their views of Americans who participate in the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona.  They say the Spanish take their running seriously – it’s like an art.  They know which bulls from a particular region run on which days. They avoid the aggressive bull days.  Of course the crazy American just run whenever and inevitably get gored.  One American mother and father ran last year with their two small children.  The father’s meeting with the bull resulted in a  broken arm and the children were trampled. The parents were charged by the authorities with child abuse. We were told that the  Spanish people were talking about those idiot Americans for months.

Today’s total distance was 11.4 km, about 7 miles.  Tomorrow plans are for a longer distance day as we hope to reach Pamplona by Monday.

Buen Camino



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4 responses to “Day 2: Roncesvalles to Viskarret

  1. In Pamplona is a great Hostel ‘Aloha’. It’s near the Irish pub. Don’t forget to ask for a pilgrims reduction if you stay in Hostels. The Albergue in Pamplona is outside the city on a Hill. Try the delicious Pintxos in Pamplona, there is a street with loads of Pintxo bars, can’t miss it. Buen Camino.

    • Thanks David. We made it to Arre, just short of Pamplona’s city limits. We treked 27km today. This will give us the opportunity to spend a little time in the city first thing in the morning tomorrow. Thanks for the advice!

    • David, we checked in with the tourist office in Pamplona and they provided us with a pamphlet on all the bars in the city center that are famous for the pinchos. We went to one and they were fantastic. Thanks for the tip.

      • Good to hear. I can’t give any more tips now till Melide as I went to San Sebastián from Pamplona to walk the Camino Norte till Santiago. Happy continuation, looking forward to the rest of your adventure. buen Camino.

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