Day 4: Arre to Cizur Menor


Today was one of the days on the Camino we were really looking forward to.  We would have an opportunity to visit Pamplona.  We were also a bit tired from yesterday’s long hike so we decided to go into “tourist mode.” This is Pamplona’s most historic bridge called the Magdalena, which crosses the river Arga.  It was constructed in the 12th century.


The camino winds into the city below the high walls of the citadel, then across a drawbridge and through a beautiful portal as you enter the historic city center area.


The central plaza called Castillo was huge and beautiful.  After walking around a bit we found a laundrymat and took an hour to actually clean our clothes in a real clothes washing machine.  A real luxury while trekking.


After our washing was completed we decided to walk the route that the bulls run in July. Sandy had an opportunity to meet one of them outside a souvenir shop.


The bulls run down this street on their way to the bull ring.


Their bull fighting arena is huge. The bulls run down this street and enter it through the red doors (between the minivan and hatchback)


There is a great sculpted depiction of the running of the bulls on the main pedestrian mall.


Here, Sandy points to the two unfortunate souls (probably stupid Americans) who are seconds away from being seriously injured.


For lunch we ate at a famous restaurant/bar along the running of the bulls route. We had delicious pinchos/tapas at the bar. The huge wooden barrels dispense different local wines.


The parks in the city were plentiful and beautiful. Lots of well maintained green space in an urban area was really neat to see.

We tried to book a room at a hostel near the foot of tomorrows mountain route but it did not open until April 1st.   Missed it by one day!


So, instead we stayed in a pilgrims albergue just a couple of miles outside Pamplona.  Tomorrow’s hike is within sight from our village.  Note the numerous windmills at the summit. We will be hiking over this small mountain tomorrow.
Buen Camino!


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  1. Kathleen Salvas

    That’s a lot of bull hehe. Stay safe!

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