Day 6: Obanos to Estella

Today we started out the day knowing we needed to hike 25 km (15 miles) to a town called Estella. It would be quite a distance but was necessary for tomorrow’s towns to line up correctly. If we hiked less, we would be hiking even longer distances tomorrow, or just 10 km.  Neither were acceptable, so we were on the way to Estella by 0735.


This fantastic bridge was erected just for pilgrims in the 12th century.


Mustard fields lined the camino today.  Rain was forecast and the sky was ominous looking all day long.


Once again, we hiked up some 30-35% grades.  One step at a time.


We are now in wine and olive country


Quite a bit of today’s trek was on 2000 year old Roman Empire roads.  Very difficult on the feet. We crossed ancient Roman bridges and I couldn’t help but think of all the souls who walked these very same paths.


The sights and spectacular scenery are around every corner and over every river.


After arriving in Estella we checked into a church run albergue and they asked that we attend a special pilgrims mass at their church. It was 100% in spanish, yet was still very touching. At the end of the service, the priest called us to stand up. He asked us one by one where we were from. He blessed us and gave us all a card with the pilgrims prayer.  It was a special moment.
Buen Camino!


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One response to “Day 6: Obanos to Estella

  1. Kathleen Salvas

    Such beautiful churches in the middle of nowhere, breathtaking!

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