Day 10: Logrono to Ventosa

Today’s trek on the camino took us from big city Logrono (170,000 population) to the tiny hamlet of Ventosa (150 residents). But before talking too much about today I’d like to look back to dinner last night.  Sandy wanted to use the municipal albergue’s kitchen so we asked our camino friends if anyone was interested in a group dinner. A group of six of us, some of whom we have known since St. Jean Pied de Port, decided to go for it. Sandy got directions to the super mercado and off we went. 


We bought everything we needed for a nice pasta dinner, including three bottles of wine for €50.


We had a great time and since we made so much, we invited anyone and everyone to share as well. The albergues volunteer host came up for wine and a brit and South Korean joined us.  The leftovers went to a young Canadian, who promptly produced two zip lock bags and thanked us for several future dinners.


Some really nice sights today.


We were on the shoulders of roads for just a tiny segment of today’s hike.  Even then, we had plenty of space between us and traffic.


We passed a few wineries.  Try and find this wine in the states.  It is very good.


We had lunch in the nice hill town called Navarette. The interior of the church was amazing. The Plaza outside allowed us to refresh, find some shade and eat our home made sandwich.


Lots of red soil vineyards.


Just. As we made it to tonight’s albergue, I saw this vehicle in front.  I asked the driver if he was Tomas and he said si.   So, we talked bike rentals with the help of our quad lingual albergue host.  We are planning to be riding bikes for a week, starting as we leave Burgos.

Today’s hike was 20.4 km (12.5 miles).

Buen Camino!



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5 responses to “Day 10: Logrono to Ventosa

  1. They found Tomas on the road and arranged to rent bikes at Burgos!
    Barry email Web Page

  2. Lynda Eckard

    We look forward to catching up to you every weekend. Your journey continues to amaze. Onward Pilgrims! Lynda & Tom E.

  3. Kathleen Salvas

    So nice of sandy to cook for everyone. Looks like you guys are having fun. Do you have to walk back when you are through? hope not.

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