Day 16 & 17: Burgos

The relatively short hike in toward big city Burgos was a bit more difficult than we expected. First, the 40 degree temperature, humidity and constant brisk winds made the “feel like” temperature in the 30’s.


Then, the long boring hike on roadway shoulders and sidewalks lasted for miles before we finally entered the historic center.  All tolled the days hike was about 14 km (7 miles)

But all that was forgotten once we arrived in the city center.  Burgos is absolutely beautiful.  The public art, numerous fountains,  immaculately groomed pedestrian malls, interesting museums and very friendly people make this a very special city indeed.

Here are some photographs of what we saw and did in the two days we spent in Burgos.


One of the greatest cathedrals in the world. We spent about an hour inside.


Plaza Mayor is huge and beautiful


Sandy could not get any help with directions from this policeman.


Lots of neat green spaces and very pedestrian and bike friendly.


The trees are all carefully sculpted and grafted together to create a shady canopy along the main prominade. 


This may be one of the neatest monuments I have ever seen. Lots of history here.  El Cid is the most celebrated hero.


Did I mention the city was gorgeous?  Day 2 was warmer too.


Palm Sunday was celebrated in an amazing fashion. Each church in town has their own band and own colors. Important members of their congregation marched in costume in religious parades virtually all day long. They loudly celebrated the moving of huge statues and other venerated objects.  We probably spent three hours just watching them set up, parade around town, move objects into churches, etc.  As I am completing this blog at 2100 hours, the sound of drums is echoing throughout the city, as all the churches and their bands converge on Plaza Mayor. What great timing to be in a great city during Palm Sunday.  We both were a bit choked up while watching the precision and difficult task the teams of relic carriers had. The crowds would all politely clap when they slowly lowered and placed the relic on the ground for rest, or when they precisely turned a difficult corner.  It was something we will never forget.

The remainder of Sunday afternoon was spent planning our upcoming days on the camino using rented mountain bicycles.  We will use them from Burgos to our next large city Leon. We will cross the vast, relatively flat stretch of the Camino, called the Meseta.  We will have three stops along the way before turning in our bikes at Leon.

We took the bikes out of their delivery cartons, adjust them and took a hour ride to familiarize ourselves with them.  I agree Barry, Tomas does provide the best quality bikes made. I am sure we will make good use of all 27 gears before the next few days are over.

Buen Camino



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4 responses to “Day 16 & 17: Burgos

  1. Mindy King

    Will Bo go with you on bikes? We are enjoying his journey, too! If not, tell him Buen Camino from us. I think this blog should become a book when you return. Stay safe as you trek onward.

    • No, Bo is on foot. I believe he is a day ahead of us on the camino. We will see him in a day or two. We have shared our contact info. With Bo. Yesterday, we were reunited with Korean Middle School teacher Dung Day. He will be hiking on the same track as Bo. When we said goodbye we all agreed we would see each other again along the way, perhaps even in Santiago. Sandy and I were actually sad that we set up the bike portion, but we were already committed and need to finish as close to May 9th as possible. Still, parting ways for now was sad.

  2. Mindy King

    You clearly have shared some amazing experiences with some wonderful new friends. Safe travels!

  3. Kathleen Salvas

    I think Mindy’s right you should write a book about your journey. That would be awesome! I’m glad you are having fun and creating a lot of memories. Love you both!

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