Day 18: Burgos to Castrojeriz

We started out the day heading to the post office, or “Oficina de Correos” in Spanish.  The reason we know what it is called is because we spent about a half hour looking for it yesterday.  Finally, about to give up, I decided to use my handy translation app only to discover we were standing right in front of it. The Burgos Correos is located in a former palace.  It was so beautiful we would have never guessed the building was the post office.  Once inside it was even more beautiful.  Stained glass skylights even!  It was also very efficient.  We mailed 7.5 pounds of stuff we have been carrying in our pack but haven’t been using regularly to our friend Juan in Madrid. He will hold it for us until we visit him on May 11th.


Our next order of business was breakfast. Yesterday we found a bar that served Sandy’s dream breakfast (at least when traveling in Europe). I admit, I nearly flipped too when I saw it on the breakfast menu. So one egg, sunny side up, ham, cheese and toast it was for breakfast. Oh, also dos cafe con leche.


Today was the first day for us on bicycles.  Tomas forgot to bring our helmets, so we needed to go to a local bike shop and get some new ones. They opened at 1000 so we would be starting out late today. The bikes are top of the line Specialized Rock Hoppers.  27 speed, gel seats and a neat basket for our packs.


Sandy looking good with her bike helmet


Sandy giving me “that look” after I told her it was going to be a flat day of biking.  This hill was so steep and rocky I think she rear tire skidded down about 40% of the hill. The peregrino on her left heard her coming down and promptly jumped out of the way. 


Little Pueblo of Hontanas had a neat water fountain with a rooster on top.


Sandy biking through a little village.


Relaxing about 10 km from our stopping point.  Note what is going on in the background. A very fashionable hiker keeps moving on the camino while a hippie from Belgium plays the guitar. A “Don Juan” checks out the hiker, while the guy in the chair gets caught up on his email.


Finally, after a 43 km (27 mile day) we reached our stopping point. We checked into an albergue and paid a total of 36€ for their bed, dinner and breakfast option.

Buen Camino!



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5 responses to “Day 18: Burgos to Castrojeriz

  1. Kathleen Salvas

    You must have had to take a lot of cash with you. Aren’t you afraid someone could steal it? Not all people are trustworthy. Do you have “BEWARE OF DOG INSIDE or NRA STICKERS ON YOUR BACKPACKS”. HEHE

    • Good question! We keep a total of about 400€ on us. It cost between 20-50€ per day for the both of us. Pretty cheap. There are ATM’s just about everywhere to replenish. We have money belts for during the day. We sleep with valuables in the foot of our sleeping bags. So, we are cautious, especially in big cities. We feel very safe on the Camino.

  2. Kathleen Salvas

    So glad to hear that! Whew that puts my mind at ease. Happy Trails to you. Oh I shouldn’t have said that, now i’m dating myself. hehe

  3. Mark and Sandy, I live in Denver,co and I am starting my Camino with a girl friend on July 4th from Burgos. Buen Camino

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