Day 22: Leon to Villar de Mazarife


We departed our albergue at about 0650 this morning to see another big procession for holy week staging outside. The statues were all different from last night, this time showing the biblical events of Good Friday.  They were illuminated with candles and again were spectacular.


We were located close to a McDonalds, so we preplanned a morning visit for an egg McMuffin. We arrived at 0700 and discovered only the drive thru opened, so we joined around 20 Spanish youths standing in the queue between cars.  The outside eating area was loaded with kids, obviously up all night.  We discovered we could not order breakfast until after 0800, so we asked one of the teens if he could talk the McDonald’s employee into selling us a couple of donuts which were on the breakfast menu. This amused the six or so who were standing behind us in the line.  We got our donuts and cafe and were on our way to the camino.


It was a steady climb out of Leon to the suburbs, all on concrete or asphalt.  Our knees were aching as we reached the top near a small town called La Virgen del Camino.


Sandy smartly noticed a new camino character on the directional signs.  She thought his thumb was indicating for peregrinos to seek another method to reach Santiago. 


Unfortunately, since it is a national holiday week, not a single car passed Sandy.  Back to hiking!


The route today looked like the plains of Africa. It was a cloudless and warm day today.


We made it to our destination at 1400 and it is a very pilgrim friendly town.  We hiked 22.2 km today (13.8 miles) and Sandy did just great.  She is napping now and seems to be about 85% recovered from her illness. 

Buen Camino!



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6 responses to “Day 22: Leon to Villar de Mazarife

  1. Mindy King

    Mark, you are married to a rock star! Happy to hear your news.

  2. So glad she’s feeling much better. Great going today.

    • Thanks Annie. She was a real champ today. It was hard as two days on the bike and then two days recuperating made today feel like hiking day one on the camino again.

  3. Jami Bay

    I am in awe of you both. Each day I can’t wait to come home and see where you have been. I imagine myself walking with you. Sandy, you are a real trooper and Mark, a great supporter! Keep up the fantastic work; I guess I should say “walk”. 🙂 Love you guys, Jami Bay

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