Day 25: Murias de Rechivaldo to Foncebadon


We ate a nice breakfast which was included with our albergue and were on the camino by 0740 this morning.


There are neat concrete way point signs in this stretch of the camino, listing the upcoming towns.


There are also the official signs which can be confusing. This one was planted at a rural intersection. I think the intent was to keep pilgrims from walking on the roadway. Unfortunately,  many folks probably turned right onto a farm road.  So, the locals or fellow pilgrims turn into problem solvers and corrected the sign.


The camino offers some amazing surprises. We entered a small pueblo and there it was…The Cowboy Bar.


Complete with every possible type of cowboy hat hanging from the ceiling. Lots of other American cowboy stuff was here too.  I showed my favorite picture of my grandson with one of our steers and the barrista was very impressed. He had a real Cowboy and Cowgirl in the bar!!!


There are potential pictures around every corner.  This old donkey cart was pretty neat.


The sage are blooming and it is really pretty.


The trail today was pretty good until we started climbing. Then, there were about fifty natural springs which turned good portions of the camino into a stream.  Once we moved above the springs the trail turned into slate and fractured slate.

Those who have hiked the camino advise that it can be broken up into three stages.  The first third is physical. The second third is mental and the last third is spiritual.

Today’s hike encompassed a total of 21.9 km (13.7 miles) and it really felt like 5 miles. This was the first time on the camino that I became totally lost of thought.  My mind just drifted away as we climbed into the foothills.  Both of us commented we hiked most of the day without thinking about anything.  We were in perfect harmony, on the same stride, on the same pace and had the same stamina levels.  I think we are past the physical and mental stages at this point. 

Tonight we sleep near the summit of Irago Pass.  Tomorrow we will reach the top of this mountain and start working our way down to our next waypoint.  If our hike down tomorrow goes as well as our hike up today, our camino experience will have risen to the next level.

Buen Camino!


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One response to “Day 25: Murias de Rechivaldo to Foncebadon

  1. Kathleen Salvas

    Wish I was with you, looks like your having fun!

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