Day 28: Ponferrada to Valtuille de Arriba



We departed Ponferrada this morning at 0740 heading up into the foothills.  The trek was not steep but had several portions that included long uphill climbs.  There were a number of religious artifacts along this portion of the way.


This photo shows that the camino travels through not only desolate,  isolated areas, but through everyday neighborhoods. We routinely encounter residents going about their daily life.  All welcome us with hola, buenos dias, or most often – buen camino. Truck drivers honk their horns when we cross above the super highways. One day we were resting on a town’s Plaza Mayor bench when  we were greeted by a curious 5 year old. We spoke to him in Spanish, then in English.  He turned to his mom and exclaimed, “American English.”  His two word comment (in perfect English) cracked us up.


Sandy was wishing to see fields of poppies this entire vacation. We are finally starting to see them in this area of Spain.


We are hiking through another popular Spanish wine region. Today we saw some huge vineyards.


…and the vines now even have leaves.


We stopped at the local wine coop for a tasting and tapas.  Great wine and a nice break from the hiking all for €1.50.


We stopped for lunch at a bar in a village called Cacabelos. We had a couple cafe con leche and they came with azúcar – camino style.

We finished lunch just as a rainstorm hit. We then suited up in our foul weather gear and hiked 5 km uphill in a steady rain until we reached our destination in a tiny village called Valtuille.

Today’s hike was 19.7 km (12.5 miles).  Tomorrows trek will take us to the base of a high mesa.

Buen Camino!



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2 responses to “Day 28: Ponferrada to Valtuille de Arriba

  1. Buen Camino Sandy and Mark. Can’t wait to hear the rest of your travels. Carla from Denver

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