Day 29: Valtuille de Arriba to Vega de Valcarce


Today’s trek on the camino took us through more beautiful spanish wine country. It was partly sunny in the morning but clouded up again in the afternoon.


It has been raining for the past three days and some of the way looks more like a 4WD mud pit than a pilgrimage route.  Our boots and poles were a bit caked with mud.


Breathtakingly beautiful sights today.


The Castillo Palacios de los Marquess is a 15th century castle complete with turrets, some of which were partially destroyed in the Peninsular war of 1808.


Looking back on the city of Villafranca as we climbed upward through the mountain pass the entire day.


As we get closer to Santiago the climate gets wetter. Most of the trees are covered with moss.


Speaking of moss. I was taking a picture of this slate roof with moss and out of nowhere this cat appears in my view – just running across the roof. 

It was cold today – in the mid 40’s and it rained most of the afternoon.  We happily checked into our albergue around 1520. 

We met our German friend Luther at the town’s restaurant.  He started the camino on the same day we did in SJPdP. It was neat to see him again and share stories.

All tolled we hiked 22 km (13.7 miles) entirely uphill and in pretty foul weather. Not a bad day. Never a bad day on the camino.

Buen Camino.



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6 responses to “Day 29: Valtuille de Arriba to Vega de Valcarce

  1. Kathleen Salvas

    Keep up the good work your almost home!


    Mark, Truly an amazing feat. Both of you are amazing. Love the pictures. Thanks, Bob

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