Day 32: Pintin to Sarria


We have been removing the pages from our camino guide book every day. The day’s pages go in a cargo pants pocket to alleviate having to pull out the book at every decision point.   At days end the pages are discarded.  So, this is what the book looks like this morning, with just a little over 100 km from Santiago. It is getting pretty thin!


We are using today as a rest day from hiking and a day to get some other things accomplished.  We therefore did not hit the trail until about 0815 and took the leisurely 5.5 km (3.2 mile) stroll mostly downhill to Sarria.


Although short, the route was still very picturesque.


A neat little grove of trees which the camino winds its way through.


The scallop shell is a prominent part of the city’s official crest.


The monastery is the most visited location in the city. It is located at the city’s high point.  We walked up the hill and had their stamp placed on our camino passport. 


The interior veranda has a beautifully patterened stone floor. 


The monastery’s courtyard complete with a water well


Young children were on a field trip there. They obviously have been studying the Camino de Santiago as all had staffs, scallop shells and little backpacks.  When they saw us a few of them pointed and said, “Peregrinos!”


We also took the down time to take care of a few things. I got a haircut and noted a lot more use of the scissors and straight razor than an American barbershop. We also went to a super mercado and bought some Scotch Guard for our boots and jackets.  We also got our clothes washed in a real washer machine. All things we have been wanting to do for several days.


We wandered through the town and found an Italian restaurant for lunch where we shared a ensalada mixta and a pizza.  The cerveza was mine but looked too good not to photograph before drinking. 

Tomorrow we begin our final week on the way.

Buen Camino!



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16 responses to “Day 32: Pintin to Sarria

  1. HI
    The three days I rode through Galicia from the top of O’Cebreiro to Santiago where WET just like what I have seen in your pictures. I never had any dry clothing. I loved the route you will walk in a few days from Portomarin to Palas de Rei, quiet countryside with very small towns. From Melide to Santiago you will start to see a great increase in the number of people on the camino. You are both doing just great! Buen Camino

    • Thanks Barry. I was thinking about how difficult it must have been for you on a steep and heavily rutted portion of today’s camino – east of Sarria. If all goes well, we should arrive in Santiago on Sunday.

      • IN Santiago, they have a special noon Pilgrims mass everyday. I found it to be a moving experience, surrounded by all those who have shared the trail and awareness of what it took to complete the journey.

      • Barry, I believe we will arrive in Santiago around 1500 but will be staying there for the next days mass. Thanks!


    Just a week left?! I am glad you guys did the blog. It is very inspiring.

  3. Kathleen Salvas

    You both are fighters I give you a lot of credit! I could have never done that, but I am very happy for the both of you. Great Job!

  4. Steve

    The wooded trail looks like something from a storybook! Loving this trip, I look foeard to your posts everyday!!!

  5. I picked up your blog a little late, but am enjoying the recent posts and am going back to read it from the very beginning. Bravo! Buen Camino!

  6. Anita Lizzi

    I was looking at the calendar today and couldn’t believe you only have one week left. What an incredible journey, inspiring and motivational. I can’t wait to do the Camino in my time.

  7. Mindy King

    It’s amazing you are on your last week! We have enjoyed every story and photo. It’s like reading an addictive book, where you are only given a chapter a day, and can’t wait for the final pages and dread it at the same time! Thank you for sharing your journey. It has been so motivational!

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