Day 33: Sarria to Vilcha


One of the things you must understand while on the camino is that everyone’s camino is their own experience.  At our hostel this morning we saw many new peregrinos on the camino who travel with lots of luggage. They left carrying tiny backpacks.  Their big bags are shipped by the many camino taxi services to their next night stay.  We have hiked with other folks who take busses over the mountains to hike only the flatlands.  Some bus services transport pilgrims daily to the camino from a 4 star hotel. After their daily hike, they are picked up and transported back to the same hotel. To each their own.


As expected, the numbers on the camino have increased significantly.  We had a huge bus pass us up a big hill just west of Sarria. Once at the top, a load of peregrinos exited and readied themselves for today’s hike.  After hiking 700 km it is human nature to be a bit resentful toward them, but they are experiencing the camino in their own way, so God bless them.


So, we took the advice of one of our albergue hosts who told us when you are surrounded by lots of noisy peregrinos just stop for a few minutes and they will walk their way out of your camino. It worked quite nicely today.


This was an interesting water crossing.  The stream flows down from the left in the background, flows alongside the trail then flows back to the left again in the foreground.


We are under 100 km from Santiago!


I think these are cherry blossoms.


In this part of Galicia they have these interesting little storage sheds they keep well off the ground. Every farm has at least one.  I asked tonight’s host in our albergue what they were all about.  I was told this is what the local farmers use to dry out their harvested corn.  It is elevated to keep the rats and mice from ruining the crop.


Turned a corner and was face to face with an ostrich.  Again, it’s the camino so anything is possible.


Took a panoramic photo of this viewpoint. No rain today, it was quite cool, so hiking was nice.


I thought this tiny and tightly compacted village was amazing.


Almost walked past this little guy sunning himself on a rock wall.


I had to take this photo right before we checked into our albergue.  It was the first time all day we saw any blue sky.

Our albergue tonight is a converted old farmhouse.  We are all sitting by a wood stove in the old cow quarters, which was nicely converted into a big family room.  Oh, and look who arrived shortly after we did…


Our old camino friends Lene and Jorgen from Amsterdam.

We hiked 19.5 km today (12 miles) and are 5 days away from Santiago.

Buen Camino! 



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5 responses to “Day 33: Sarria to Vilcha

  1. Hola, Mark and Sandy! Well, I did it. Last night I went back to Day 1 of your Camino and read every single post and looked at every single photo up to today. Your photos are absolutely exquisite! And Mark, your writing is excellent — so descriptive. I’m sure I am not alone when I say that I feel I’m peering over your shoulder every step of the way. Buen Camino!

    Melinda from California

  2. Hola perregrinos i enjoy following you on your camino very much. I recocnize a lot of places from your pictures, It’s amazing to see that a lot of pictures you take are almost the same i took on my camino last year. When i see them my feest are itching again and i feel a little bit homesick. Enjoy your camino and keep on posting. In my mind I’m traveling with you!!! Buen camino!!

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