Saying goodbye to friends & Santiago

The past couple of days have been quite interesting, a bit magical and have provided closure as we wind down our camino experience.  Amazingly, In Finisterre, we ran into an Australian peregrino we met on day one and then another acquaintence we met on our first few days in Spain. 


All eight of us came together for dinner our last night in Finisterre.  Jorgen was planning to hike on to Muxia while Lene planned on staying in Finisterre for another day. We also met Tom from California for the first time.


Steve from Canada, a nice Finish woman and Jacob from Denmark rounded out our group. We all shared our experiences and laughed at each members very funny stories.  Tom commented he stayed in an albergue that smelled like a thousand years of peregrinos. We all could relate to that!  Jorgen was to hike on to Muxia and return to Santiago after we left on Saturday, so we said our goodbyes.  On Thursday we headed back to Santiago with a 2.5 hour picturesque bus ride along the Atlantic.


We have been keeping in touch with Bo via text message since we did the bike portion of our trip in Burgos.  We ended up finishing five day ahead of him, but really felt bad leaving him. We started out day one with Bo so we decided we would finish with him.  He texted us that he planned on arriving Friday afternoon.

So, around 1000 we hiked backwards on the camino for a little over a mile and found a nice bar where we had a good long view of the camino.  On the way, we met our Italian friends Arlo and Elizabetta hiking.  We hadn’t seen them for about three weeks. We spent about a half hour talking about our experiences.  We exchanged contact information as they invited us to spend more time in Roma.  They then hurried to catch the 1200 pilgrim’s mass.  After waiting a couple of hours at the bar, Bo came hiking up the camino.  We hiked together the cathedral and were really pleased to be able to complete what we started together.


After Bo got checked into his albergue in the historic city center, we were surprised to meet Lene and Jorgen who were back in Santiago a day early.  They took a taxi to Muxia, spent an hour there, didn’t like it, and took another taxi back to Santiago. We sat at a bar waiting for a tapas restaurant to open.  A few minutes later, out of the blue, yet another long lost friend – Carlo walked by us.  He was another of our missing hiking buddies.  Also from Rome, he is a very good guy and so interesting and passionate about life. 


So, all ten of us headed off to the tapas bar.  It was a bit expensive but very good food and great company.  About the only “missing person” from our group now was Dung Day from South Korea.  Day was taking his time on the camino and had an open ticket home.  Still, it was astonishing to see everyone considering the fastest of the group finished nearly a week ago.


After dinner we all decided to walk to the cathedral’s main plaza where we all had the opportunity to say goodbye to the group.  It got quite emotional after Carlo’s description of what the camino meant to him and how the new friendships he made will forever be with him.  I am not a teary eyed kind of guy, but his emotions started causing everyone to wipe their eyes.

All were welcomed to visit one another and contact information was shared.  We then parted ways to our individual albergues or hostels.


Saturday morning it was off to the train station for our 5 hour ride to Milan. Our last post for the blog will be on Sunday as we highlight our day and a half in Spain.




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4 responses to “Saying goodbye to friends & Santiago

  1. Mindy King

    It has been fabulous following your journey! We were so happy to hear Bo made it safely. What fun to share his last miles together. We wish you safe travels home. Thank you SO much for sharing this incredible experience!

  2. A great trip, i think you for your blog, it was very nice. I did the camino again in my thoughts together with you.
    I’m curious how it is to be home again and how your camino is getting a place in your live. A part of me is, after a year still on the camino.

    Buen camino.

  3. Kathleen Salvas

    I’m sad that its over. I truly enjoyed the experience that you had. Thanks for sharing. Love you both.

  4. What a lovely ending to your journey! Meeting all your friends and coming full circle. — how wonderful! I look forward to your final post, but will be sad to say goodbye, as well.

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